Overnight Trip to Bluff, Utah

A few Trike Pilots from Albuquerque, New Mexico were heading to Bluff, Utah for a little gathering. I opted to do an overnight flight up there, leaving on Sunday morning and returning Monday afternoon.

Below are the photos on the way up. I left Double Eagle Airport, and flew via Cabezon Peak, over the Badlands and then along some Farming Fields into Farmington Airport to top up the gas tank with 100LL. My preference is to burn normal car gasoline at $3 per gallon than 100 Low Lead fuel at $7 per gallon! After leaving Farmington to Bluff, the coal plants plume indicating no wind made me smile.

I flew by the Southern End of Mesa Verde National Park, you can see Ute Mountain in the Background (top left pic). Top Right is the San Juan river that flows by the town of Bluff. The air strip is a few miles west of town by the river. It's very desolate, nothing out there. You can see Mitch, his wife, Frank Dempsey, CFI and I relaxing outside eating lunch.

I built a $6 "speed bar" with a bungy cord from Home Depot courtesy of Eric Savener which worked really well and gave me an extra 4 mph without having to put pressure on the control bar. A few segments I encountered 10 to 15 mph head winds so it gave me a little confidence to keep my ground speed in the mid 30's.

Monday afternoon we flew out over Valley of the Gods, we could see Monument Valley in the distance. My GPS Track Log gave me 561 miles at 45 mph in 12 hours and 30 minutes in 2 days. The only GPS I use is the Extrex Legend which I've had for 8 years now. It's simple, easy and does the trick. I once had a fancy one for aviation but I just never got around to learning how to use and found it too big and bulky, my preference is to keep it simple and easy.

That night John Cortesy chopped up some firewood, notice how the fire was meticulously placed near my iron eagle of the sky!....mmmmm...

The main pic in the top left was over Valley of the Gods. I loved the little Out House at the airport, it really does work, and yes I need to tan my upper thighs!. On the way back, you can see the head winds just outside of Farmington. I cruised at 10,000 feet where it was smooth and no wind. I had a nice view of Ship Rock

Overall a very rewarding trip! Good fun hanging out with the gang, and great weather!

See more photos of the trip here on flickr that Frank Dempsey took.


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