Henry Howe

I got the trike bug when I took an introductory ride just over a year ago. Within a few days I was watching youtube videos, reading the threads on the Trikepilot website, scanning the classifieds on Barnstormer, and completely overwhelmed by information overload. Fortunately a few people at Double Eagle Airport had mentioned Damien Beresford as someone who is knowledgeable, helpful, and easy to talk to, and since I met him a few days later, Damien has been my guide, consultant, instructor,and friend in this glorious journey of learning to fly weight-shift control: buying a trike; learning to set it up, take it down, maintain it, and upgrade it; teaching me how to fly it and pass the check ride; and for the past several months, exploring New Mexico low and slow with the wind in, and a big grin on my face. You feel comfortable from the first time you fly with Damien because he is always so confident, relaxed, and supportive even while you're making (and repeating) the same mistakes every new student-pilot does. Better yet, by the time you're ready to solo, you feel confident in your own abilities (and aware of your own limitations) because Damien has talked you through, walked you through, explained and discussed every maneuver and principle of flight that you need in order to know what to do, why to do it, and how to do it for every situation that will arise. By the time I took my check ride (from DPE Frank Dempsey, another great instructor and advisor) I was completely comfortable with the process. In short, I recommend Damien to everyone I meet and talk with about learning to fly trikes.

Please call me any time (Five Oh Five -870-5052) if you have any questions about Damien in particular, or about flying and learning to fly trikes in general.
Henry Howe

Norman Hunter, Jr.

Learning to fly when I turned 73 was a real challenge. Fortunately I had a couple of outstanding instructors. Damien really took the time to work with me over a series of lessons. I had trouble getting confidence to fly and especially to land comfortably. Damien took me up in a wide variety of conditions and backed me up while I performed maneuvers and landings in less than ideal conditions. He was very encouraging throughout the learning process. Damien has just the right balance of encouragement and clear instruction. He lets the student do everything to the maximum of their ability and only assists when the situation warrants. Having been an instructor myself in camping, backpacking, climbing, and outdoor survival I recognize the outstanding qualities Damien has as a flight instructor. I was especially impressed with Damien’s ability to sense when I was ready to solo. He is an incredible person and an accomplished instructor who teaches both the skills and the love of flying.

Thank you Norm! I was so happy when you went Solo! It was a great journey for both of us!!! - Damien Beresford

Frank Roush

If you have an interest in flying you have come to the right place. I spent $2,000 on a bad instructor and after 5 months was nowhere near ready to fly solo. After 1 month with Damien Beresford I soloed safely and with confidence. His training is one of safety, enjoyment of flying, and value. If you are curious about this inexpensive flying sport I recommend you book a "discovery flight" with Damien. You will be very safe and you will get to know what the experience is like and get to fly the aircraft some to see what you think of it. I don't think it costs that much and you'll get to know if you want to continue and become a trike pilot or just have an enjoyable experience on your discovery flight.

Thank you Frank! It was an honor to help you go SOLO !!! - Damien Beresford

Adam Shaiken

You are a remarkable human being, Damien. I think that the man who said, "It all makes sense from up here!!", sums it up very well. What a rush to be the first(and maybe only!!!) to afford the privilege and freedom of flight to such willing and eager passengers. Every one of your passengers is in such a state of glee(light little children on Christmas!). I applaud your continuing efforts to share your passion with as many people as you can and your ability and willingness to document and share the same. I thank you for composing truly beautiful and inspiring videos and sharing them.

In regards to this video Flying Slab City!

Tom Nielsen

Damien - keep on doing what you do. You are an awesome guy, and are making the world a better place while at it.

In regards to this video Flying the Big Canyons!