Complete Video List !
Base Jump Moon 2013 Flying Adventures Haunted House
Overnight Flight to Utah Boulder City, Nevada Slab City
Burning Man 2011 Salton Sea / Slab City The Maiden Voyage
Red Rocks, Canyon De Chelly and MV Monument Valley, Big Canyons and BRS Rocket Launch! Canyon De Chelly
Salton Sea 2010 Part 2 Lake Powell Salton Sea 2010 Part 1
Monument Valley Bound for Colorado Red Devil
Gallup, New Mexico Keith's Visit The Bumble Bee Flys!
Magdalena Flyin Dave Dixon Full Moon Page, Arizona
Navajo Nation Salton Sea Fly In Part 2 Salton Sea Fly In Part 1
Ghost Ranch Holbrook, Arizona The Western Frontier
Flying Cortez, Colorado Flying Mystical Shiprock Desert Winter Wonderland
Canyons and my new Motorized Bicycle Back in the Air Journey to Cabezon
Low Flying, Stalls, Ojito and more.. Fog, Cliffs and Clouds! Trike Camera Setup
Valley of Volcanoes Grandma Gezza's Maiden Voyage Lost In Walmart
Flying the Rio Grande Gorge Extended Range Fuel Tank Journey to Acoma
Licensed to Drive The Cauldron of Hell Espanola Valley
Hunt for the Lost Cheerios Desert Arroyos Flying Monument Valley Part 1
Flying Monument Valley Part 2 A perfect flight to start the week! Mel's new Profi Wing
Sunset Low Flying Cold Desert Morning Flying using a new camera mount
In search of the Vents 2 Days in the Rio Puerco Valley Lava Cliffs/Canyons & more!
Trike Flight using Wing Tip Cam Mount Trike Flight using Multi Camera View Conquering Cabezon Peak!
Flying Odds & Ends Balloon Fiesta Fly In! 3 Trike Pilots, one desert...
Spectacular Aerial Footage of Rio Puerco! Damien & Frank hit the skys! Fire!
Pakistan Australia! Extreme Motorcycling
Price Is Right Catwalk Balloon Fiesta
Gezza and Mary Toms Crib Blake!
Katies Bachelorette Mary Calderan Carlos Rivera
Duke City Chile Dogs Mel's Trike Wedding - First Cut