Magdalena Flyin

Play Video - Windows Format 7:00 minutes (66 Meg)

Here are a few shots from the Magdelana Fly In. The weather wasn't the best, but everyone managed with what they could.

I didn't manage to bring the bumble bee down due to the weather (and being conservative on my part :-). I tacked a few wing tip shots I did at the end of the video.

Below is a link photos of the bumble bee - my new HKS Powered Northwing Trike

Photos of The Bumble Bee

Below is a link of my control bar camera mount chasing Frank Dempsey our CFI around in his 912 Apollo Red Devil. I'm using a Lynx Avionics system now and the audio comes out really great. I'm very impressed so far.

Video - The Bumble Bee chasing the Red Devil

Damien states: Hi Rick, I took it out Monday for 2 hrs 48 minutes. The GPS said a moving average of 52.4 mph covering a total of 148 miles. I have it set about 2 inches or so back from where the Control Bar frame connects to the keel. Flys great, a little different from the very light Sabre with the big balloon wing (17.5 meter). Seems to cut through the turbulence better. May 27, 2009, 11:35 am
Rick Dallas states: your new trike looks way cool.hows she fly? whats here crews speed? May 27, 2009, 2:10 am


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