Fold the wing on a Northwing Navajo Trike

Here is the official Northwing Manufacturing Video showing how to fold a wing on an Amphibious Trike

Remove the bottom of the compression strut and drop the wing to the ground. NOTE: Because of the design of the mast and the use of 2 compression struts, this takes up the majority of the weight of the wing. I can lower and raise the wing using 2 fingers on the control bar! As someone that travels with my trike solo, I love the fact I can setup and break down alone without busting my back!

Tie a rope around the foot pegs and Control Bar. It doesn't have to be tight. You can now also remove the compression strut and put it in the hanger.

Get the Latch out and clip it onto the top of the Frame to hold the wing down.

De-tension the wing by releasing the Haul Back cable from the clip on the keel.

Using 2 long lengths of rope, tie it to where the strut meets the cross bar on each side of the wing and pull the leading edges in a few feet and wrap it around the propeller. This will loosen the sail a little and make it much easier to slide the batons out.

Un-Velcro the main Washout Struts (the smaller ones will slide out and move to the side and get Velcro'ed to the wing), on each side of the wing, then remove all Batons. Note you can keep the 2 batons in that are in the nose of the trike, these don't need to be removed.

Un-Velcro the bottom of the nose cone, then un-wind the 2 ropes from the Propeller and pull the leading edges into you. Be ready to catch them as they come at you. Don't worry they move slowly and with little force. Once the leading edges are back you will notice the control bar should now be tight on the rope around the front wheel foot pegs. The control bar should also be off the ground now for easy manoeuvring.

Roll up the sail and use the ropes to tie the sail to the leading edge. Now it is ready to slot into that tiny space in the hanger! I always move it from the front, by holding the front wheel off the ground by lifting the nose of the front of the wing, I can steer it easier that way. You will work out what works best for you! Maybe try putting the front wheel on one of those moving dolly's, I bet that would work well !